Two people die due to severe rainstorms in Greece

Hazardous rainstorms on Monday throughout Greece, and particularly the area of Peloponnese, have caused two fatalities.

A 73-year-old female was reportedly struck by lightning on the island of Salamina, which is close to Athens, reports. The coroner’s report ruled lighting as the cause of death, after the fire department had found her laying in an avenue on the island.

Greek media further reports that the coast guard are conducting search operations for a person whose boat was carried away off the coast of Salamina by the wind on Monday.

Lighting also seems to have fatally struck a 52-year-old male farmer in the area of Kinouria, in East Peloponnese. The farmer was found dead on Monday morning, further claims. The coroner will conduct an examination to confirm whether lightning was the man’s cause of death.

The area of Skala, Laconia, located in the southeastern Peloponnese, was hit by a tornado leaving the residents with a power outage and extensive property damages.