Two Turks arrested in Lesvos for suspected trafficking of migrants

Two Turkish men arrested by the Greek coast guard in Lesvos on Wednesday appeared before the prosecutor on Friday, facing charges of migrant trafficking, authorities said.

According to the coast guard, the two men, aged 26 and 36, crossed from Turkey to Lesvos on November 4 with a boat that carried a large number of refugees and migrants. On their way back to Turkey, their boat run aground on a rocky area in Agioi Theodori, in the northeastern part of the island and were forced to abandon the boat. They eventually made their way to Mytilene where they stayed in a hotel on the port while they looked for ways to leave.

They were arrested in a bar for disturbing the customers and while they were detained, a police officer found the keys to the boat on one of the men and their real occupation was revealed. Police believes they have made the boat trip from Turkey to Lesvos numerous times but were never caught.