Two workers killed by fumes in waste treatment shaft in Lakonia; two injured

Two workers were killed and two were injured during work inside a biological waste treatment shaft in the town of Skala, Lakonia, on Tuesday.

According to initial information on the circumstances surrounding the incident, a 51-year-old Bulgarian national was cleaning the shaft when he started having breathing problems and called for help. A 37-year-old Greek rushed to his assistance and jumped in the pit but he also felt unwell.

Two more men, a 66-year-old and a 22-year-old who jumped in the pit also suffered from respiratory problems. People who witnessed the accident called the fire department which pulled the four men out from the shaft.

They were transferred to the hospital of Sparta where the first two men were pronounced dead, while the 22-year-old man is in a coma suffering from acute respiratory failure. The hospital director Sotiris Botsios said the young man was intubated immediately and doctors are removed liquid from his lungs. The other injured man is being treated for moderate respiratory failure and his condition is deemed by doctors as stable and satisfactory.

Two firemen and one policeman who participated in the efforts to save the men were also treated for breathing problems.

Authorities expect the forensic report to shed light on the exact causes of the workers’ death.