Tzanakopoulos: Commission has been very helpful, despite differences in the past

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, referring to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker’s visit to Athens on Thursday, said that the relationship between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Juncker is very close, especially in the framework of the fiscal adjustment programme being implemented in Greece.

Speaking to public broadcaster ERT, Tzanakopoulos said that despite the differences in the past, the European Commission has been very supportive in terms of Greece’s effort to exit the programme and suggested that this is one of the reasons for Juncker’s visit to Greece.

He reiterated that the Greek economy is recovering, adding that Greece has met all its fiscal obligations: “From now on, it is the lenders and partners turn to assist so that there is a clean exit in August.”

On whether Greece will go ahead with the leasing of French frigates, Tzanakopoulos said that if there is an agreement it will be announced.

Asked about the two Greek servicemen detained in a prison in Edirne, Tzanakopoulos said that Greece is doing everything possible for their return, adding that Turkey is attempting to take advantage of the issue politically and toying with two human lives.

Finally, on the increase of migration flows from Turkey, Tzanakopoulos said that Greece is monitoring the situation and added that it was a political problem.