Tzanakopoulos: Compound name and erga omnes for an agreement with FYROM

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos in an interview with public broadcaster ERT late on Monday stressed the government’s clear and unequivocal position in support of a compound name erga omnes as a prerequisite for reaching an agreement with FYROM.

He noted that joint development in the region, for which the government is striving, is the “key” for stabilisation in the Balkans and the solution to the problem.

Tzanakopoulos unequivocally underlined that the government will not reach an agreement if there are no safeguards.

Regarding the situation in Gaza, he said that the messages did not give rise to optimism. He expressed horror at the treatment of the Palestinian protesters and stressed that initiatives must urgently be taken by the EU, the UN and the Arab League as the days that follow “will not be quiet.”