Tzanakopoulos: Government action plan free of bureaucracy

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has instructed government ministers to restore the fire hit areas and help all those hurt by adopting quick procedures that will be simple and without bureaucracy, said government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Monday.

Presenting the government’s initiatives that are in motion, Tzanakopoulos said that “this may be the only active apology of the state for its timeless responsibilities.”

The spokesman went on to add that Tsipras visited Mati earlier on Monday and spoke with local residents, fire fighters and soldiers. He was also briefed by the Infrastructure Ministry’s engineers checking over homes in the fire stricken area.

Last night the Greek premier had a meeting with government ministers on the fire victims, said Tzanakopoulos, adding that the prime minister wants the procedures to restore the areas and help those hurt by the fires to be completed quickly and without red tape

In the meeting it was decided that specific steps would be taken, in line with decisions taken July 27, to handle problems that contributed to the tragedy in eastern Attica.

Data shows that there have been 3,676 checks conducted on the homes in the area of which 1,803 were given a green ranking, 827 a yellow ranking and 1,046 were slapped with a red label. As of Tuesday (July 31), those hurt by the fires can apply for financial assistance being provided by the state, which amounts to 5,000 euros per person, 6,000 euros for families of three children or more and 8,000 euros for businesses.