Tzanakopoulos: Government planning next steps as Greek economy steadily recovers

“It is now clear that we have come to the end of the cycle of perpetual doom-mongering for the Greek economy,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Tuesday during a press briefing. He pointed to a recent string of good news concerning the economy’s prospects, including:

– The drop in Greek bond yields to historically record lows, with the Greek five-year bond now trading at the lowest level since 1997, at 2.24 pct, while the 10-year bond, a benchmark for money markets, has reached a historic low of 3.45 pct.

– The Eurogroup has approved the disbursement of approximately 1.0 billion euros of profits from Greek bonds retained by the European Central Bank (ECB).

– The primary residence protection framework has been finalised, is a way that protects the vast majority of borrowers, within the framework set by the supervisory mechanisms of the European banking system.

In conclusion, the government spokesman added, the government was now planning the next steps “in conditions of absolute security and the steady recovery of the Greek economy.”