Tzanakopoulos: Gov’t concludes adjustment programme without breaking its alliances with the socially weaker

The freedom in exercising economic and social policy will extend after the conclusion of the programme, noted government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos in an interview with the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper,

He explained that the country will pass from phase of surveillance to the phase of supervision on targets adding that “The dynamic recovery of the Greek economy along with the restoration of the confidence with the settlement of the Greek debt will create new facts that will favour the redistribution policies as well as the negotiation power of the employees” he said.

Tzanakopoulos added that the government is concluding the adjustment programme with success and without breaking its alliances with the socially weaker groups.

Asked on the pension cuts in 2019, Tzanakopoulos said that “everything depends on the country’s fiscal course and on the agreement that will bring the exit from the surveillance”.

On the issue of the two Greek servicemen that are held in a Turkish prison in Edirne, he underlined “the Greek government is working hard and is pressing at diplomatic and political level for the, as quickly as possible, settlement of the issue” He noted that the government expects from Turkey to “return quickly to the road of reason and prudence as the escalation strategy it has selected is not good neither for Turkey nor for the wider region. I believe that our neighbours will understand it sooner or later”.