Tzanakopoulos: It is Greece’s duty to be a pillar of stability in an area facing multiple crises

The fact that a Turkish president has visited Greece after 65 years is of special significance, given that so much had been invested politically and on the level of communications, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Friday in statements to Cyprus’ Alpha TV.

Tzanakopoulos underlined that the Greek government took the bold step of inviting Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit Greece because “it is our duty to assume the role of a pillar of stability in a wider area experiencing multiple and overlapping crises.”

The government spokesman stressed the need for Greece to extend a hand of friendship to its eastern neighbour, “in order to upgrade our relationships, [something] which can have multiple benefits for the wider region.”

An upgraded political and diplomatic relationship between Greece and Turkey can play a stabilising role in the region, Tzanakopoulos stressed and added: “The way the two leaders expressed their views was absolutely frank and open, disagreements were not hidden. What we should dwell on are the points of convergence.”

Among such points, the government spokesman listed a commitment to implementing the EU-Turkey Agreement on migration, as well as a commitment to resume talks on the Cyprus problem. Although different perspectives on specific issues were highlighted, this visit will play an important role in opening a new chapter in the two countries’ relations, he underlined.