Tzanakopoulos: Labour victory in Britain could signal global political shift

Minister of State and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos shared SYRIZA’s experiences in governance during his participation in a panel discussion held during the Labour party’s annual conference in Liverpool, which is taking place from September 23-26.

He was asked about the problems faced by the ruling coalition led by SYRIZA, as well as the challenges and the obstacles that it had to overcome. In a statement to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), Tzanakopoulos said that Labour “took the initiative to organise a debate on the experience SYRIZA has gained over the years, as they feel they need to learn from this endeavor. I believe they will face similar challenges if their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, succeeds in becoming elected a prime minister. They are very interested in having a clear picture on what governmental power meant for SYRIZA…given the unfavourable balance of power that existed in Europe.”

He underlined that the Labour party and SYRIZA are the main forces battling austerity in Europe and have many points in common, both on the level of politics and in the way they deal with economic elites and the media.

Asked whether the two parties could have a “cooperative course” in Europe after Britain leaves the EU, Tzanakopoulos expressed his opinion that a Labour victory would be significant, regardless of whether the country had left the EU, possibly signalling a shift in world politics, given that the UK was a significant player on the world stage.

“Regardless of Brexit, the victory of a progressive, radical force in Britain is particularly important not only for Europe but the entire world,” he said.