Tzanakopoulos: Novartis case a prime example of political scandal

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos characterised the Novartis case prime example of a political scandal in an interview with the Sunday newspaper Nea Selida. Referring to a possible criminal involvement of political persons, he noted that there are indications but it is not the government’s work but the Justice’s work to personalise the responsibilities.

Moreover, Tzanakopoulos accused main opposition New Democracy of moving to the extreme right, something that is bad for the country and the democratic institutions and charged ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis that he has almost handed over the helm of his party to its extreme right wing.

Asked on the Turkish escalating aggression, Tzanakopoulos said that sober geostrategic analysis, diplomatic vigilance and determination is needed” It is obvious that the Turkish stance raises concern and for this reason we set the issue of the Turkish provocation to the EU Summit on Friday” he said adding that our partners and allies in EU and NATO recognise Greece’s key role.

Referring to the FYROM name issue, Tzanakopoulos estimated that “the majority of the Greek people understands and supports this strategy in our foreign policy, part of which is finding a stable, sustainable and mutually accepted solution.