Tzanakopoulos: Reforms agreed at Eurogroup will not contain a single euro of additional austerity

Eurogroup ministers recognize the “exceptional performance” of the Greek economy and this is why Greece and its partners agreed to the return of the mission chiefs in Athens next week, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Monday, adding that the agreement will not contain a single euro of additional austerity.

“All sides accept and recognize the exceptional performance of the Greek economy and this is the reason we managed to reach an agreement with structural reforms as its main outline, which will not have even one euro of budgetary impact – that is, not a single euro of additional austerity,” the spokesman told Alpha TV station in an interview right after the completion of the Euogroup meeting in Brussels.

Tzanakopoulos said the technical teams and the government will discuss reforms on a number of issues “but any measure taken will be offset by another measure of a similar amount.”

He also said that the government achieved a “decisive victory” against the demands of the International Monetary Fund for additional measures totaling 2 percent of the GDP.

“All those things we were discussing for about a year and a half for 4.5 billion euros of additional measures after 2019 are no longer in the agenda,” he said.

Asked about the timeframe of these talks with the technical teams, the spokesman said he didn’t want to set “false deadlines” but noted that the job of the teams will be brief and the two sides will achieve “very quickly” an agreement because nobody wants more delays.