Tzanakopoulos: We are still working on a comprehensive and clearcut solution

The government is still working on a comprehensive and clearcut solution, which should respect three basic principles, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Wednesday during a press briefing.

As Tzanakopoulos explained, these principles are the following:

1. Clear identification of the medium-term measures to be taken for Greek debt after the end of the current programme so that the country’s gross financing needs do not exceed 15 pct of GDP in the medium term.

2. These measures should enable all institutions, including the ECB, to carry out positive reports on the sustainability of Greek debt.

3. Concrete measures to boost growth, which all institutions and euro-zone member states recognize as necessary.

No one claims that the fundamental problems of the Greek economy have been solved, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos added.

“We should however emphasize on the great opportunities that now seem to exist,” he noted and added: “Too much depends on the decisions to be taken at European level, both to strengthen Greece’ growth and find a solution to the Greek debt, which is the main factor of uncertainty, both for money markets and for other investors.”

The government spokesman said that “it is Europe’s duty, both of our creditors and of the institutions, to take the necessary decisions now that will guarantee the restoration of European normality in our country.”

Decisions, “that will lead to a steady and dynamic recovery of the Greek economy, and our immediate return to the money markets,” he said.