UfM Secretary General: Greece has restored its position in the euro-mediterranean scene

“Greece has returned to the euro-mediterranean and international scenes,” Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Nasser Kamel said on Sunday, in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“[Greece] has recovered and restored its diplomatic presence when it comes to euro-mediterranean and international issues,” he added.

He also stressed Greece’s important role for the UfM, an intergovernmental institution with 43 members bringing together all members of the EU and various countries from across the Mediterranean.

“No country is more ‘Mediterranean’ than Greece with regards to history, geography, coastline, etc.,” Kamel stated and added: “This is why Greece is at the heart of the UfM’s work, as it is a bridge that connects the south, north, east and west of the Mediterranean.”

Greece’s significance for the UfM and the region was also the focus of the first meeting Kamel had with George Katrougalos after the latter’s appointment as Foreign Minister, during which it was established that the two sides shared views on all matters of mutual interest.

“Greece is involved with more programmes, appears more inclined to assume a dymanic presence in the General Secretariat of the UfM, and we feel that the country is more committed to assist in achieving unity, peace and prosperity in the region.”

Kamel also stressed that “After many troubled years […] concerning political developments on the southern coast of the Mediterranean and the economic crisis along the northern coast, the situation is returning to normality and the area is more ready to commit anew to dynamic forms of cooperation.”