UN mediator Matthew Nimetz sees ‘dynamic for solution’ to FYROM name issue

UN mediator for the FYROM name issue Matthew Nimetz expressed his optimism that a mutually acceptable solution will be found, in statements to the newspaper “Kathimerini”. He acknowledged that there were differences both between Greece and FYROM as well as within the two countries and urged all sides to be realistic and to make compromises.

Talking to Kathimerini, Nimetz said that the meeting between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in Davos was “positive and important, a meeting of historic importance if it finally leads to a solution of the differences between the two neighbouring countries.”

It was time for the talks on the terms of a comprehensive agreement to intensify, said Nimetz, adding that he was coming to Athens and Skopje for talks that will take the process forward. “I believe that the dynamic exists now for finding solutions,” he added.

“We can move to a rapid process in order to have a positive result within a few months, maybe sooner,” concluded Nimetz.