Underwater Missions team recovers body of second diver killed while cave diving

Members of the coast guard’s Underwater Missions Team on Monday recovered the dead body of a second diver, a 60-year-old Czech, who was killed while scuba diving in an underwater cave in Sokastro region of the sea, west of the island of Karpathos.

The coast guard divers managed to retrieve the body of 30-year-old Iranian diving instructor from the cave on Sunday, after the finding the two bodies at a depth of 47 metres.

The two men had gone diving in the 50-metre cave on Saturday, accompanied by a third scuba diver who managed to return to the surface when he realised he was running out of air. He alerted the authorities when he found his companions had not returned with him.

According to divers well acquainted with the specific area, the two scuba divers appear not to have followed safety rules and may have lost their sense of direction. Without a cord to lead them back, they may have become trapped inside the cave, with no visibility of the exit.