Unemployment fell to 16.8 pct in September, ELSTAT says

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in September 2019 was 16.8 pct compared to the 18.8 pct in September 2018 and to the upward revised 16.9 pct in August 2019, according to Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). The number of employed in September 2019 amounted to 3,913,254 persons.

The total number of employees is estimated to be 3,913,254 and the number of employees increased by 61,895 compared to September 2018 (an increase of 1.6 pct) and decreased by 1,329 persons compared to August 2019 (negligible change).

The economically inactive population (both unemployed and job seekers) amounted to 3,216,215 and decreased by 6,350 compared to September 2018 (0.2 pct decrease), while increased by 996 persons compared to August 2019 (negligible change).

For women, the unemployment rate (20.8 pct in September this year from 23.7 pct in September
2018) remains significantly higher than that for men (13.7 pct from 14.9 pct).