Univeristy of Athens occupation ends after Police operation

The Police successfully launched an operation early on Friday morning to end the occupation of the Rectorate of the University of Athens, after 19 days. A 15-minute deadline was given to those inside the building, before the operation was launched.

At first the police attempted to enter from the main entrance, but failed to open the Rectorate’s main gate. After entering from a side door, the 14 anarchists – 7 men and 7 women – inside were detained and later arrested without tension.

As the 14 anarchists were being taken out in handcuffs, others were outside shouting slogans of solidarity. Prior to the police operation about four people in the surrounding area were detained.

Amongst those arrested in the early morning operation was 37-year-old anarchist Polykarpos Georgiadis, who had previously been convicted as an accomplice of wanted criminal Vasilis Paleokostas in the 2008 kidnapping of industrialist Giorgos Mylonas.

Early reports indicate that no damages were noticed, after a spot check carried out in the building’s interior. The university’s deputy rector and administrative employees are on the scene.