University of Athens condemns protest sit-in as ‘unacceptable’

The Rectorate of the University of Athens condemned as “unacceptable” a sit-in at the central building of the university in Athens by an unknown group of individuals who barged in on Monday morning to support a jailed man accused of being involved in a letter bomb attack against former prime minister Lucas Papademos.

“These sort of unacceptable actions are condemnable and hurt the public university,” the Rectorate said in a press release, noting those individuals “have demands irrelevant to any academic issue.”

“We call on these individuals to leave so that the building can be delivered to the studying youths and not obstruct its services, which operate with money from the pockets of the Greek people,” it said, adding that it has taken “all appropriate action.”

Speaking earlier to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, University Rector Thanos Dimopoulos said: “We don’t know who these individuals are, only that they demand justice for Konstantinos Yatzoglou.”

Papademos suffered leg and torso injuries when he opened a letter bomb in his car in May 2017. Police believe Yatzoglou had a central role in the parcel bomb attack against the former prime minister and the letter bombs sent to numerous EU officials in March 2017.