Unsealing of bids in TV broadcasting licence tender completed, NCRTV announces

The first stage in a tender process for the issue of nationwide general content television broadcasting licences was completed on Thursday, with the unsealing of the bids submitted by the last two applicants, ETV and Tileoptiki Elliniki.

The National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) said that the process of unsealing the bids submitted by the six applicants (Skai, Star, Alpha, Ant1, ETV and Tileoptiki Elliniki) went smoothly, with no objections raised.

The process will now move on to the next and vital stage, where the NCRTV will check whether the bids submitted meet the tender requirements.

NCRTV Vice President Rodolfos Moronis said that this will include a financial audit and all the information in the applications, while the authority may request the assistance of financial auditing mechanisms in this task. He noted that this stage of the process will take between six weeks and three months to complete, while any television channel that fell short of the criteria set for a general content television channel will be disqualified.