Upward hike in migrant-refugee arrivals on Chios after 3-month hiatus

A large number of migrants and refugees reached the Aegean island of Chios in the 24 hours before 10:00 on Wednesday morning, following a three-month period of no migrant arrivals on the island.

A total of five incidents involving the corresponding number of dinghies were reported in just a few hours, bringing a total of 212 persons between Tuesday afternoon and 10:00 on Wednesday. The new arrivals were transferred to the VIAL hotspot.

There were a total of 284 arrivals of migrant and refugee recorded on Chios between January 1 until March 31, including Turkish nationals fleeing the current regime.

The numbers arriving between Sunday and Tuesday on the island of Lesvos reached 169, while 142 arrived on Samos. A total of 532 migrants and refugees reached the northern Aegean islands in the last four days.