US ambassador Pyatt optimistic over negotiations to resolve FYROM name issue

US ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt expressed his optimism about the progress of the negotiations to resolve the FYROM name issue during an interview with Skai TV late on Tuesday, highlighting the support of the United States for special mediator Matthew Nimetz and the United Nations efforts.

He underlined that the US will do everything they can to support Nimetz’s efforts. He noted that the best way the US can support diplomacy at this time is letting the negotiation proceed without external factors, while he avoided answering the question whether there is a plan B for FYROM to become a member of NATO. He explained that what he has learned as a diplomat is not to answer hypothetical questions, especially in the middle of a process.

Pyatt also referred to the economic crisis: Greece, he said, is in a much better situation than it was in the summer of 2016. At that time, he said, there were many questions about whether Greece would comply with its reform program as well as questions about the stability of the government amid a risk of early elections.

He added that there were also issues related to the stability of the banking system and big structural risks for investors. Pyatt pointed out that one of the most important challenges now is how Greece will attract foreign investment in the best possible way.