US Ambassador Pyatt: US-Greece bilateral relationship is based on deep and mutual appreciation

“The US-Greece bilateral relationship is based on deep and mutual appreciation, shared democratic values and our long-term strategic interests,” the US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said on Friday in an interview with ‘Ta Nea’ newspaper.

The US diplomat reiterated, in his article, that US President Donald Trump sent a strong message of continued US support to Greece, pledging to continue to be on its side as it recovers after eight years of economic crisis.

Pyatt also referred to the debt issue, saying that the US president “fully confirmed America’s support for a responsible debt relief plan.”

Referring to the issue of defense relations between the two countries, the US Ambassador stressed: “We have committed ourselves to the upgrading of our defence relationship. Greece continues to meet its obligations to NATO and is playing a leading role in the region.”

The US Ambassador reiterated his profound appreciation for our country, saying “I am looking forward to continuing to work with Greece, one of the most stable and credible allies,” adding that President Trump “confirmed his great confidence in Greece as a nation and a reliable ally in the future.”