US Ambassador to Greece Pyatt sends a positive message for the future of Greek-American relations

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt sent a positive message for the future of Greek-American relations following the swearing in ceremony of the new American President Donald Trump.

There is a dynamic and strong commitment by both parties – Republican and Democratic – to the alliance with Greece as well as to the strong relationship between the two peoples, said Pyatt when asked about the future of the Greek-American relations, at an event organized by the Republicans of Greece in a hotel, in Athens, late on Friday.

The US ambassador also referred to the NATO alliance, which, as he noted, for decades kept the US on the side of Greece, as well as to Washington’s expectation “to see Greece as a strong, economically sound and prosperous EU and NATO member state.”

It is certainly early to say what will be the policy of the President Trump and his administration, he said, but he expressed confidence that a combination of the two policies will give Greece great potential. Moreover, the ambassador said it will be an exciting time for all the Americans as well as a good period for the Greek-US relations.

Giving the message of the first day of Trump presidency for the United States, he said that the American democracy is strong and pointed out that this day of the swearing in ceremony is a celebration of democracy, a commitment of all the Americans for a healthy democratic process, for an orderly transition of power, and a new beginning.