US condemns convicted Greek terrorist’s furlough

The U.S. on Tuesday “strongly” condemned the furlough of convicted far-left Greek terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas.

“These furloughs are a shameful injustice to his many victims’ families and serve as further incentive for his anarchist followers to commit further violence and destructive acts in his name,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters.

The U.S. embassy in Athens has relayed its concerns to Greek officials, Nauert said.

Koufodinas was active with the Revolutionary Organization 17 November, a formerly designated terrorist group in the U.S.

The now-disbanded organization was responsible for the assassination of a long string of officials, including U.S. Defense Attache William Nordeen.

Koufodinas was recently transferred to a minimum-security open agricultural prison near the Greek city of Volos.

The transfer was slammed by Turkey and the U.S. since he was involved in the murder of Turkish and American diplomats.

Koufodinas was convicted in 2003 of belonging to November 17. He is serving 11 life terms.