US has “high degree of confidence in Greek leaders,” American ambassador tells Vice Greece (interview)

The United States has “a high degree of confidence in the Greek leaders,” US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said in an interview to Vice Greece, responding to a question related to Turkey’s increasingly aggressive stance recently.

The American ambassador warned however that “we both, the Greece and the United States are going to have to get through some turbulence over the next couple of months as (Turkish) President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan gets himself re-elected,” adding that “that’s where it’s so important to have confidence in the Greece-US relations.”

Asked his opinion on whether the two Greek servicemen detained in Edirne pending trial for trespassing into Turkish territory are going to be released soon, Pyatt said, “I learned in this business a long time ago not to make predictions. What I can tell you is that the United States is going to remain engaged, and that we believe that these two soldiers need to come back to their families. We also believe that it’s in Turkey’s interest – as it is in Greece’s interest – to see a stable, cooperative, normal relationshihp between the two countries.”