V. Korkidis: Once again Greece is facing the dilemma “take it or leave it”

Once again the situation in the Greek economy “is not good” and we are facing the dilemma “take it or leave it”… Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) president Vasilis Korkidis on Monday said regarding the course of the negotiations on the Greek economy.

More specifically, Korkidis said: The reports of Thomsen and Velculescu on Greece will be accompanied by formal announcements on the Greek economy and the demands of the Fund on surplus and debt, however, without surprises, as its positions are already known. It wants a drastic reduction of the tax threshold as of January 2018. It wants the activation of the contingent mechanism on main pensions if 2009 targets are not met and discusses medium-term plans on debt. Moreover, EU politicians and technocrats do not rule out the possibility of extending the negotiations until April.

The government has to choose among the conclusion of the programme review with new measures, medium-term for debt and participation to the quantitative easing programme.