Vaccination appointment deadline for those aged 60+ expires on Sunday

A 90 pct of people in Greece who have turned 60 have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have booked an appointment, government sources said on Saturday.

Vaccinations in this specific age group went up 10 pct since inoculation for them became mandatory recently, it was noted. Overall, some 2,761,838 people over 60 have so far been inoculated or have booked an appointment, while 217,000 people in this age group have received a shot of a vaccine since November 30.

Sources pointed out that the deadline for booking an appointment for people aged 60 or over expires on midnight, Sunday, January 16, and there will be no extension to the deadline, it was underlined. On Monday, relevant registry authorities will begin to compile the final list of unvaccinated people aged 60 or over, who will be fined 50 euros for January (half-month) and 100 euros for each consecutive month thereof.

There are, however, some exemptions for Greeks abroad, and for those who have been granted an exemption by medical committees for reasons relating to serious allergic reactions and confirmed allergy conditions.