Vaccinations in Greece to surpass 1 million this week

Three different vaccines against the coronavirus have become available in Greece since vaccinations began two months ago, said National Vaccination Committee President Maria Theodoridou at the regular live briefing on Monday.

All three vaccines from pharmaceuticals manufacturers AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer are effective against the British variant of the coronavirus, she noted.

The vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is 86 pct effective against serious Covid-19 infections and 100 pct effective in preventing the patient’s death, she stressed. It is a convenient, single dose vaccine, she added.

Effectiveness of the vaccines is not reduced in cases when someone who has received the first dose is infected after the fact, she highlighted. Moreover, anyone who is infected will have to be vaccinated regardless.

Speaking alongside Professor Theodoridou, Health Secretary General for Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous said inoculations on Monday will surpass 34,000 by day’s end, while the national vaccinations total now stands at 915,000 and will exceed 1 million within the week.

Only 6 cases of minor complications arising from coronavirus inoculations have so far been reported in the country, he noted.