Valuable Russian paintings confiscated and woman arrested in Halandri

Three paintings by the late Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, a founder and major representative of Russian Expressionism, were confiscated during a police raid following the arrest of a 65-year-old woman in Halandri on Tuesday.

According to a police announcement on Thursday, an international arrest warrant had been issued against the woman, a Greek national, for misappropriation of extremely valuable objects.

The woman’s two houses in Halandri were raided by the cultural heritage and antiquities section of the Attica Police, in the presence of a court representative and a National Gallery of Art expert.

In one house, authorities confiscated, among other things, 18 paintings mostly by Russian artists, 4 drawings and 5 sketches, and 230 prints from Russian books. In the second house they found 2 paintings of Russian artists and the 3 paintings by Zverev.

Police are investigating the ownership of the confiscated works, which will be evaluated by National Gallery of Art art historians. Photographs of the works will be forwarded to Interpol for further investigation.

The woman was led before an investigating magistrate.