Vast majority of Greeks worries about radiation, says first Greek survey of its kind

Most Greeks (85%) are concerned about exposure to radiation, revealed on Monday the first country-wide opinion poll on the subject, which was commissioned by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission.

The greatest part of the people questioned stated they fear possible implications on their health 79(%), while mobile phone antennas (59%) and mobile phones (57%) are the two sources of electromagnetic radiation causing the most concern.

In addition, three out of four Greeks (74%) said that they are against any typed of nuclear power use, while only one out of five stated they would be in favour.

This is the first time the Greek people’s views, fears and attitudes on radiation are collected through a systematic survey performed in Greece; until now, the Eurobarometer was the main source for any data available.

Other interesting findings include:

– 89% of the people interviewed have never, at their own initiative, asked their doctor to prescribe medical examinations or treatment that would involve the use of radiation

– Radioactive waste, radon, sunbeds and mobile phone antennas, in that order, were listed as the most dangerous sources of radiation

– Concerning the operation of nuclear stations in countries that share borders with Greece, the majority (83%) stated that they fear a potential accident that could expose them to risk, whereas only 7% stated that they do not feel affected by the presence of nuclear stations

– The survey recorded an information gap when it comes to dealing with nuclear pollution emergencies, since 76% said they have “little” or “none” information on the procedures.

– 64% stated that Greece’s pertinent authorities do not handle radiation and nuclear safety with transparency.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,811 people through telephone interviews in June and July 2018, by the research and polling company Palmos Analysis.