Venizelos: The Greek people know they are facing a dilemma

“The Greek people know they are facing a dilemma: the comprehensive plan we have proposed, we have been negotiating and we will reach an agreement with our partners or the absolute uncertainty and the unknown,” Government Vice-President and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said during the 2015 state budget debate in Parliament.

In his address, Venizelos said main opposition SYRIZA “has panicked by the fact that it is losing the Memorandum and the Troika.”

“If the markets had been left on their own, without an internal front that would say “Greece is not ready to tap the markets”, they would realize that the Greek public debt is actually low in real terms and that many claim it amounts to 60 percent of GDP if it is properly measured,” he said.

Regarding the presidential elections and the controversy over “defector” deputies, he said that terming a deputy’s freedom of conscience a “defection” constitutes political blackmail and vulgarization of the public life.