“Vespisti” travels to Kozani

They are fans of the Vespa, the Italian scooter, and they are known as “Vespisti”.

They travel everywhere from Greece to Saint Tropez. A total of 50 people recently travelled on their Vespas to Saint Tropez – a trip that took them three days – in order to participate in an international meeting.

The next international meeting will take place in Germany. “Meanwhile, many meetings are being organized in Greece, including the the next one that will be held in the northern Greek city of Kozani, where approximately 150 people are expected to participate,” Socrates Moutidis, responsible for Public Relations at Kozani’s Vespa Club, said to Praktorio 104.9 FM.

“It is a good opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with the city of Kozani, the region and to admire the beauty of the landscape,” he underlined.