Victim of attack in Aspropyrgos says he was targeted for his involvement in protest rallies

Pakistani national Safak Mahmud described to journalists on Monday how he and fellow countryman Vakas Hussein were the victims of a vicious attack by five men at their work in Aspropyrgos on Saturday.

With the injuries on his face still raw, Mahmud said five people with knuckle-dusters came to the greenhouse where they worked and started hitting them in the face. Mahmud recognized one of the attackers from police pictures and another from an anti-fascist rally in June, where the suspect appears to be participating with Golden Dawn members in attacks against protesters.

“They had targeted me for months. They came by the farm, they photographed me to intimidate me. And the reason? Because I take part in the Workers’ Movement of Gorytsa [area where the farm is in Aspropyrgos] and I have participated in protests against racist attacks in Aspropyrgos,” he said during the press conference at the offices of the Pakistani Community.

The president of the Community, Javed Aslam, said 70-80 attacks have taken place against workers in Gorytsa alone. “Gorytsa is a small area, like a ghetto, everyone knows each other. In spite of that, no arrests have been made. Even employers have been beaten after they tried to defend the workers,” he said.

“We believe the municipal authority and the police are covering up the perpetrators,” he added.