Vikos SA: a Greek success story in business

Vikos SA, a Greek water and beverage bottler, has invested around 125 million euros in the 25 years of operation from 1992 until today, with this year’s investment program budgetted at 25 million euros.

The strategic goal of Sepeta family, owner of the company, is to form a business and marketing strategy allowing the company to be competitive in the current environment of the Greek market and in this framework, Vikos acquired Natura, a small company based in Korinthia mountainous region.

Petros Sepetas, chairman and CEO, speaking to ANA, said Vikos was reinvesting from its profits in the production of high quality Greek products, already established among consumers. “It is of great importance that a purely Greek enterprise is developing on a healthy basis in such an economic environment and we are really proud to become such an example,” Sepetas said.

Vikos strategy focuses on raising production capacity of its existing factories and promoting geographical expansion. New investments include the installation of a new production line of water bottling in its factory in Ioannina -the biggest production line in the Greek market- and expanding its water production and beverage production factory in Kalpaki. Vikos will also expands its logistics facilities and strengthen its specialized plastic production unit (PETCOM Plastics).

Sepetas said the new investments reflect an increasing demand for products, water and beverage, creating the need for higher production. He added that investments were made using own capital, offer value and boosting the local economy in Epirus, creating new job positions.

Vikos reported sales of 67.5 million euros in 2016, from 64.23 million in 2015, with profits of around 13 million euros. The company expects this year’s sales to grow by 4-5.0 pct, after a 10.55 pct increase recorded in the first quarter of 2017.

Vikos holds a 21 pct market share in the domestic bottled water market, a leader in Greece, while beverage sales jumped 70 pct in the first quarter, although its market share remained low at 2.0 pct. The beverage business reported sales of 5.0 million euros in 2016, a sum expected to double this year. Exports account for 5.0 pct of total turnover.