Viokarpet reports improved 2016 results

Viokarpet Group on Friday said sales grew to 85.57 million euros in 2016 from 81.41 million in 2015, an increase of 5.1 percent. Exports totaled 47.55 million euros from 46.38 million, respectively for an increase of 2.52 pct, accounting for 55.56 pct of total turnover.

Consolidated EBITDA grew a spectacular 101.92 pct to 5.27 million euros in 2016, from 2.61 million 2015, while consolidated net after tax losses fell 56.71 pct to 1.87 million euros from a loss of 4.32 million in 2015.

Consolidated net losses, distributed to shareholders, after minorities and taxes, totaled 1.76 million euros in 2016, from a loss of 3.84 million euros in 2015.

Parent EBITDA showed a loss of 900,000 euros in 2016 from a loss of 2.52 million euros in 2015. After tax losses totaled 2.03 million euros in 2016, from a loss of 3.57 million in 2015. Viokarpet’s board plans to skip dividend payment for the year.