Volos prosecutor set to reject furlough request for Nov. 17 terrorist Koufodinas

The prosecutor of Volos, the area where November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas is held in a farm jail, will propose to the judicial council the rejection of another furlough to the convict, it was made known on Monday.

Koufodinas has already received 6 furloughs from jail, and can request another under the new penal code that went into effect on July 1 (today).

Prosecutor Maria-Sofia Vaitsi said “there is serious evidence that the detainee may incite others to commit misdemeanors.” As supporting evidence she cited phrases Koufodinas has used, including “calling for support and solidarity” and “thanking comrades for their support,” which she said “incites the excitation of supporters” and leads them to breaking the law.

The request for a furlough will be discussed within the next few days.