Voters know that ND brought on the crisis and the memoranda, Tourism Min says

“The citizens do not have a short-time memory, they know that New Democracy (ND) brought on the crisis and the memoranda,” stated Tourism Minister Thanassis Theocharopoulos to RealFM radio on Tuesday.

“The people’s expectation is that we will finally and radically change Greece, and be done with the long-standing deficiencies created by ND in the country. This is something that only SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance can do,” he said.

Referring to the cancellation of the political leaders’ televised debate, he underlined that the affair was like a theatre of the absurd. “The natural thing would be one debate with all the political leaders and a second with the two candidates for prime minister,” said Theocharopoulos, adding that “unfortunately (ND leader) Mitsotakis backed out of a debate of the two leaders that he had promised. The citizens understand. Mitsotakis is afraid that his real plans will be revealed in a confrontation comparing the two parties’ programmes”.