Votomos exports up 128 pct in 2016

Votomos SA, the ZARO’S natural mineral water bottler, reported a record 128 pct jump in exports last year, following a 62 pct rise in exports in 2015.

The company expanded its export activity to new big foreign market, such as China, Belgium and South Africa, while despite adverse economic conditions prevailing in the country, ZARO’S water continued recording high performance and an increase in domestic sales, further raising its market share.

Exports to Israel soared 167 pct from 2015, while the company began exporting to China, Belgium and South Africa. The water, coming from Psiloritis mountain in Crete, continued is successful course in Canada, France and Germany.

Total sales in 2016 grew 2.73 pct from 2015, reflecting increased export and tourist arrivals in the country. ZARO’S sales grew despite extended losses suffered by the country’s supply chain by the Marinopoulos case.