Voutsis: Tax havens are a refuge for ‘timeless immorality’ in politics and economy

Tax havens have formed a refuge for a “timeless immorality” in politics and the economy, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said in an interview with “Nea Selida” newspaper, published on Saturday.

“Every political party, every politician and every political family must have a clear position and stance. A position of condemnation,” he was quoted as saying.

Asked about the criticism leveled against the government by the opposition on issues of public safety, Voutsis dismissed it is an attempt to create fake tension, noting that the leader of the main opposition expressed at Thessaloniki’s International Fair in September the “unbelievable neoliberal view” that social inequalities are unchangeable.

Commenting on the government’s alleged reluctance to impose the law, he said all crime indexes have lowered and Greece is seen as a pillar of stability in a turbulent Europe.