Voutsis: The international community has recognised the Prespes Agreement’s importance

The international community, and especially the European Union, has recognised the importance of the Prespes Agreement, which is “the most successful example of good neighbourly relations”, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said on Tuesday, in his speech during the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Vienna.

According to Voutsis, Greece’s commitment to the consolidation of stability and prosperity in SE Europe and the sense of responsibility towards the European integration of this region led to the signing of the Prespes Agreement, proving that “when the required political will is present, states can peacefully resolve their differences on the basis of international law and the principles of good neighbourliness.”

The agreement, he said, creates an appropriate framework for the full development of bilateral political and economic relations between Greece and North Macedonia for the benefit of the two peoples, and bilateral contacts at all levels are frequent and close, aiming at building a complete and modern network of partnerships.

It also opens the way for the EuroAtlantic and European prospects of North Macedonia and also removes the obstacles to cooperation and enables Southeast Europe to benefit from top-level development initiatives, such as the Chinese “One belt-One road” and American plans in the economic and energy sector for the region.

Voutsis provided assurances in his speech that the rapid integration of the Western Balkan countries into the EU remains a priority for Greece, while stressing that “any possibility of turning the Western Balkans into a special economic zone must be ruled out.”