VP Dragasakis: Τhere are no “heroic exodus” but struggle to the end

SYRIZA’s aim is to operate as the backbone of the new social and political alliance that will get the country out of the crisis and of the memorandum, said government vice president Yiannis Dragasakis in an interview with Realnews Sunday newspaper.

Dragasakis ruled out the possibility of an ecumenical government explaining that “particularly today it would annul every effort to reverse the old establishment”.

Asked whether it is better a ”heroic exodus” (of the government) if the pressure continues by the lenders, he said that in his sense there are no “heroic exodus” but struggle to the end.

He said that the short-term measures for the debt will be set on course until the end of 2016 adding that there will be another development only if there will be forces that will want to reverse those agreed.”

Asked if Greece will be in position to enter the markets in 2017, Dragasakis said that this could happen soon with the settlement of the debt and Greece’s participation in ECB’s quantitative easing programme.

Finally, commenting poll results showing that SYRIZA is behind main opposition New Democracy (ND), he said that “the people had and continues to have expectations from SYRIZA. In polls, even in the most credible, the citizens express their feeling and send messages which the government is called to take into consideration