VP Dragasakis: Deal with creditors must be achieved on February 20

Greece and its creditors must achieve an agreement or set a timeframe for an agreement in the near future at the Eurogroup meeting on February 20, Government Vice-President Yannis Dragasakis said on Tuesday.

“The conditions for an agreement are in place. There is no unanimity but each side must assume its responsibilities. There must be a deal on February 20, either a timeframe for a deal at a foreseeable future. The deal on Greece should not coincide with the elections in other countries” Dragasakis said at a book presentation.

He said the government wants to achieve a deal that will help the country return to the markets in 2017 and complete the bailout program in the summer of 2018. It also wants to have a comprehensive agreement which will specify the path of the Greek economy after 2018 on issues such as the primary surplus, debt and growth. A third aim is to achieve a “clear” deal which will allow Greece to tentatively tap the markets in 2017 and not impose new austerity.