VP Dragasakis: Former Helliniko airport investment will proceed

The investment in the former Helliniko airport will proceed in compliance with the institutional procedures, government vice president Yianns Dragasakis said in an interview with the state radio station (ERT1).

But these procedures will not last forever; each side must understand the concerns of the other, he added.

Asked if the outcome of the German elections will affect the ongoing negotiation, he said that the negotiation has its own momentum and is not affected by the developments, adding that the Germans and the rest of the partners are seeking the end of the supervision and the exit from the loan agreement programmes.

Regarding the Greek government’s readiness to conclude the third programme review, Dragasakis said that Greece is ready and called on the creditors to assume their responsibilities. He explained that any delays in the previous programme review was due to partners’ disagreements. Dragasakis stressed that Greece will have met 80 pct of its prior actions by the Eurogroup meeting in November.

On the Greek banks, he said that the government has done its best to help them. In 2015, Greek banks were successfully recapitalised. Successful recapitalisation was confirmed by the relevant European institutions, he added; since then, there have only been positive developments for the country and economy.