VP Dragasakis: Government wants to make agriculture a main pillar in economic recovery

The government aims to make agriculture a main pillar of Greece’s economic recovery, government Vice-President Yannis Dragasakis said on Wednesday, after a meeting with the representatives from Western Macedonia, which ended unsuccessfully.

“Our aim is not only for agriculture to survive but to make the primary sector a key pillar for the reconstruction of the country in general,” Dragasakis told journalists.

“We had an analytical discussion. The ministers were prepared and I believe that 2/3 of the requests are either being implemented or the ministers said they will examine them in order to find a solution. On my side, I noted that beuond these requests, we have to see the future of farming,” he added.

Farmers from the Promahonas and Evzones road blockades left the meeting before it concluded, telling the media they were very disappointed by the talks and that none of their demands were satisfied.