Vroutsis: 86 EFKA employees to return to their posts to speed up granting of pensions

Eighty-six employees of the Unified Social Security Fund (EFKA), who had been moved to other services, will return to their posts at an order of Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis in cooperation with Deputy Labour Minister Notis Mitarakis and EFKA director Christos Halaris.

“We are demonstrating in practice the genuine interest of the political leadership of the ministry and of the government to address the daily social problems that the previous political leadership was indifferent to,” the Minister said on Saturday.

The 86 employees will be added to the 502 EFKA staff (17.13 pct increase) and a total of 588 employees will work hard for granting the 470,000 pending pensions, which constitute “an open wound” inherited by the previous government.