“Warmest thanks” from Foreign Ministry for support, solidarity

“We once again express our warmest thanks” said the Foreign Ministry in a statement on Wednesday, “to Greece’s friends and partners for their immediate response and their offer of firefighting aircraft and vehicles, as well as personnel, to assist in extinguishing the wildfires in Attica.”

“We also thank the members the Greek community abroad and the foreign friends of Greece who, from the very outset, expressed their support and solidarity, stating their willingness to provide essential supplies and financial assistance to bring relief to the victims and to repair damages caused by the wildfires. Greece’s diplomatic missions abroad will provide information on the optimum way to send and coordinate the relevant assistance. The foreign Embassies in Greece have also been advised in this regard. At the same time, our Permanent Representation to the European Union is closely monitoring the progress of support being provided to Greece by the competent European institutions,” it said.

“Greece will continue to promote and support the necessary proposals to strengthen the European Civil Protection structures, as well as the adoption of policies by the European Solidarity Fund and other European institutions for dealing with the consequences of climate change, so that similar disasters can be avoided in the future,” it added.