We are in favour of a Greek debt relief, Die Linke’s Bartsch tells ANA

We are in favour of a European conference on debt as well as a debt relief for Greece, German left party Die Linke’s Dietmar Bartsch said in an exclusive interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“It is indeed incredible that the German government on the one hand refuses to repay the loan the Nazis received from the Greek state and to pay the war compensations while on the other hand Germany makes a profit of 1.34 billion euros from loans and purchases of Greek bonds,” Bartsch said.

Bartsch described the German policy on Greece as arrogant, humiliating and forgetting history. He argued that the Left of Europe, including Germany, should ask itself how it can help Greece more effectively adding that the Greek people have to take the situation again in their own hands. Instead of holding the people of a heavily indebted country hostages, there must be a binding debt relief decision in a realistic way so that the country can be further developed economically, he noted.
Bartsch criticized Merkel and Schaeuble that “the troika mandate, the strict austerity policy and the failed refugee policy have pushed the European project to the brink of disaster.”

On the refugee issue, he said that an unacceptable agreement with the Turkey’s Erdogan was made, with Italy and Greece actually being left alone with huge problems.