‘We are taking the last steps of this difficult journey’ Tsipras says, meeting Dijsselbloem

Welcoming Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Monday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that his visit was linked to pleasant developments for the Greek economy, noting that the difficulties for Greece were about to end.

Tsipras said that “we have taken difficult decisions, but we are now reaching the end,” adding that the last prior actions remain to be met in order to conclude the programme review.

“We are taking the last steps of this difficult journey,” the prime minister noted, reiterating the government’s commitment to move towards the conclusion of the programme review so that “we can discuss the next day for Greece.”

“I believe that this is the reason for your visit,” Tsipras said, stressing that the financial figures for Greece gave cause for optimism about the future.

On his part, Dijsselbloem expressed his contentment to be visiting Greece, while adding that “unfortunately, my visits are always too short to enjoy your wonderful country.”

“However,” he continued, “it is very pleasant to be here, now that things are going so much better, that there is a return of confidence and credibility for the Greek economy as a result of the work you have done.”

Dijsselbloem thanked the Greek prime minister for the cooperation between them and noted that, after a period of intensive talks and difficulties, “a lot of work has been done and the news is good, not just for Greece but also for the eurozone, and I thank you for that.”

“We share the view that the programme review must be concluded as swiftly as possible, I know your commitment in this direction,” the Eurogroup chief added, pledging his support in this direction also.

“We will see Greece’s final exit from the programmes so that it regains its financial independence, and on this part we will work together,” he stated.