Gennimata: ‘We support Greece’s deterrent capacity and vote for the deal’

We have always supported and continue to support the power and deterrent capacity of the country in the wider region and that is why “we are voting for the Agreement because it lays the foundations for defence and security, as we are voting for the strengthening of the fleet. We are interested in having close relations with France, especially now that Turkey is escalating its provocations,” opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata said on Thursday, during the parliament debate on the ratification of the Greek-French defence and security agreement.

Gennimata added that “there are problems in the agreement that need to be highlighted,” but also “possibilities, if the government works practically on it”.

At the beginning of her speech, Gennimata stated that the new national strategy for the country has not been drawn up under the responsibility of the prime minister, while she spoke about three important problems that exist: the pandemic, price increases and the threat of the far right.